Fresh off the easel!

It’s been a while but finally, I starting to feel settled in my space and have been exploring different mediums. I been studying abstract and more modern styles of art and trying to get my self back to where it all started, a young girl that had no clue on how to paint and would giggle and make fun of every brush stroke that went on the canvas, enjoying creativity and self expression with no taught or care of anyone’s vision. I found some copper cables that I stripped and for some reason, I automatically taught it would be a good addition in a painting.

My daughter wanted some paintings or some to hang on her wall and we went to several stores and ended up with nothing at hand. She was not interested in anything that was out there, I suggested for her to make something so….acrylic paints that we purchased at a local overprice retail,  blank canvases, copper cables,  pieces of slate and anything else I could find adorned my workspace for a few days. Since my daughter is 13 and gets easily distracted I took matters into my own hands and ended up with this piece, yes… this piece with no name, perhaps “Into the night” would be suitable. Any suggestions for a name would be appreciated.

It has been a long time since I used acrylics and even a longer time since I incorporate other mediums into my paintings other than paint.  I threw some paint down first with brushes, then with spatulas, not sure what I wanted to accomplish just went with an idea and I allow the paints and canvas to take control – the lack of familiarity allow me to take my time stop and throw some more paint down to cover any mistakes and then… it hit me the beauty of acrylics the quick drying, the layering, and scraping off the layers. I was fun to paint with a different mind frame. I knew she liked something with a night cityscape and I figured to add a fun element so I added my copper cable which she could move the branches around to her liking, an interactive piece of art!

I still have some cool stuff lying around and we’ll see what I’ll come up with, it’s nice to let loose and just have fun, it’s so satisfying!


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Artist, gardener, and creator. I'm an artist obsessed with gardening, DIYing, and with a passion for baking.

2 thoughts on “Fresh off the easel!

  1. Totally refreshing idea Isabel and wonderful outcome of just letting things flow – I like the feel of this piece. The copper stands out and pops against the rest of the dark city backdrop and pathway. Nice to see your work again.

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