Most of my drawings and sketches are done in charcoal or drawing pencils with a lot of smudging and erasing. I am one of those artists for that the creation of my vision does not come easy, it’s usually a labor of love and it involves a lot of erasing and refining. It takes me quite some time to finalize my work and I always feel like it is never finished. I usually strive to capture moments of lines and volume, almost as if the image pops out of the paper. I love the work of Théophile Victor Emile Lemmens a french artist from the 1800s who was famous for his undulating lines in his drawings and paintings and how his images are layered on his work surface, I strive for that effect in my work.

Self portrait charcoal


A Chiaroscuro study; a self-portrait utilizing one light source on a top angle to insure heavy shading in order to achieve heavy contrast, done in Char-Kole brand charcoals also known as…
Alphacolor Soft Pastels

The hand

In this piece I incorporated Lemmen’s style with some Chiaroscuro techniques, I emphasized the veins and lines of the hand as the index finger points and drops of blood run out of the nail bed.



I drew lines with charcoal on a sheet of paper, crunched it, and placed it on a box in order to have a subject practice more of Lemmen’s techniques, and also utilized Chiaroscuro techniques to emphasize the shadows created by the sheet of paper.


Morris & Morrison

The top picture is a drawing of Stephen Morris on the front cover of New Order’s 1985 album, “Low-Life” of Stephen Morris the drummer/keyboardist. The bottom picture is Jim Morrison on the cover of The Doors 1985 album, “The Best of The Doors”.


A pencil drawing of Morrissey’s 1988 album cover, “Viva Hate”. I used a soft graphite pencil for the main sketch, a Berol charcoal pencil for the shadowing, my fingers for blending, and a kneading erasure to obtain the details and for additional blending.



A Chiaroscuro study displaying contrast between brightness and shading. I used “Char-Kole” sticks by
Alphacolor Soft Pastels
, these square sticks are very rich and smudge nicely with your hand, paper, or a tortillon.

Group of Chiaroscuro drawings

This group of drawings was essentially all done the same way, with 1 light pointing to the subjects in a dim room in order to produce shadows.

Hand_ a study of théophile-victor-emile lemmens.jpg

 Hand study

A study Lemmens, I tried to achieve the feeling that the hand is coming at you trying to grasp something. I used a “Berol” charcoal pencil, extra soft. I blended just enough to show the roundness of the hands and fingers without losing the main lines. I also used a kneading eraser to remove any excess.


In another study of Lemmen, though unfinished I was able to achieve the undulating lines giving the sketch volume.


A simple pencil drawing with the main focus on the lines and blending.

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