Fresh off the easel… “Glad’s and Canna’s

Slowing I’ve been getting back into the swing of things and the creativity is starting to flow, I’ve been busy doing a lot of home decor, changing out lighting fixtures, organizing- added some finally touches to my daughter’s Parisian inspired bedroom – made and installed corner shelves, installed a chandelier, making patio furniture cushions and painting in between. The kindo’s are heading to school next week and I figure I will be in full paiting mode, I hope anyways.


Gladiolus, Canna’s and Orchid arrangement that I placed at home from my cut flowers in the garden inspired this painting, I love Gladiolus because they stand tall amongst the other flowers in the garden bed, the flowers are very delicate and have a complexity of color that captivate me. Canna’s call my attention because rich color and the huge floral bouquet they produce. Last but not least these delicate ground orchid that I happen to run into this plant growing rampantly around an Oak tree @ my in laws,  I pulled a couple of these plants out of the ground  and brought home and planted them them in different areas of my garden, hopefully they will start growing and I’ll some of my own next year.


Glad's and Canna's

Glad’s and Canna’s oil on canvas 22×28



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