Fresh off the easel -Still life

I’ve been painting casually and been feeling disappointed and frustrated as an artist, not to mention I have painters block… I been trying to regroup my thoughts as an artist and been studying other artists and viewing videos on refining my technique. I have also been analyzing my self and my goal as an artist, why do I paint and who do I paint for? I think a lot of my frustration and painters block is due to the simple fact that I have gotten caught up on selling my work and trying to please others basically try to become commercialized, trying to become something that art is really not about, it should be about you feelings, your perception on canvas not worry about the ohhhs and ahhhs and selling , hence the name “starving artist”. Do I really care if anyone likes my work and wants to buy it? It would be nice that people enjoy my work and are willing to find the time to look, comment and possibly purchase however, I have come to terms that this should not be my initial goal. I should be painting to free my mind, to explore no restrictions, and just to simply enjoy creating and expressing, everything else is a bonus šŸ™‚

So without further due –Ā  I been wanting to paint this olive oil bottle for a while, there is something about this green glass and label that I find appealing, not to mention that the olive oil is pretty awesome, I threw in a couple of garlics and a stainless steel decanter for added interest. The picture was not taken true to light, I actually painted the objects with a light aiming from the top left corner in a room with curtains closed and no additional light.



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Artist, gardener, and creator. I'm an artist obsessed with gardening, DIYing, and with a passion for baking.

9 thoughts on “Fresh off the easel -Still life

  1. Wonderful still life painting Isabel – love the reflections on the decanter and bottle. I can totally understand your frustration, artist block and painting what you think others want – I too struggle with the same issues. Your bottom line is what matters, create what makes you happy and it will come through your work – the feelings will be expressed more than anything else.

  2. I use to draw and paint a lot. Never tried to sell anything, did it for myself and my family who have some of my art on their walls. I think you have some wonderful reflections and details on the stainless steel decanter. I think the only person you need to please as an artist is yourself.

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