Mind controlling color

Here’s my latest pet peeve. Several months ago I moved to my current house, though I feel that the colors inside my house are beautiful (latte on the walls with a cream on the base board, crown molding and doors) there is something that is bothering me, it’s a little drab, you walk from room to room and it is all the same and I mean aaallll the same from the mud room to the bathroom to the kitchen and even the kids room. It’s very well known that color affects your mood, your productivity, enthusiasm and so forth. Since I have been in my new environment I am very tired and don’t have any energy so I am blaming the color. My previous house had a huge wall as you walked in and I painted it a yellow color, a daffodil yellow to be exact and the surrounding rooms the living room – a soft linen color and across from there the dining room a very pale yellow beige color. Everyone thought I was crazy because that daffodil yellow was too bright but I loved it, I felt energized and happy. My kitchen was a soft moss green color which made me feel comfy and healthy and when I think about it, I was always making salads and spinach lasagna and drinking wheat grass in that kitchen. In this house my energy level is low, I started making vegetable juices and I revamped my workout routine by adding weight training in hopes that it will provide me with a little enthusiasm and this is when it hit me. I need to change the color in some rooms. I guess my art room will be first because I do not feel inspired to paint anything in there. I have been struggling with a painting for several weeks and every time I go into that room I walk right out. I’m thinking along the lines of one of these colors for the wall. I am inclining to the top right hand color named “Voyage”, for the past year I’ve been admiring blue-green colors, I really feel good with this color around me. I can’t believe that I am having this color problem, I remember when I was content wearing all black and gray and the most exciting color item I owned was red lipstick and my only battle  in my mind was if I was going to a Goth or Punk concert. As I have gotten older color has become a huge impact in my life – bizarre. I gather I will be heading out this week to my Home Depot and buying paint and the only painting I will be doing is painting the walls in my art room :). Art room now. Let’s see if making a change will affect me in a positive manner.

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Artist, gardener, and creator. I'm an artist obsessed with gardening, DIYing, and with a passion for baking.

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