Kissing Dirt – What am I talking about???

Well…. Let me explain, a garden to me is living art. The smell and the colors of a garden is really an inspiration for me to paint, to bake and just to be creative. There isn’t anything more beautiful than a garden that is full of flowers and fruits. This section of my blog is dedicated to my new backyard that I am trying to make into a beautiful garden. I use to have what I thought was a beautiful tropical oasis and then I moved. I have this empty backyard that is calling me and keeping me from my other creative outlets. I am frustrated and I feel like I have to have my garden flourishing before I can start painting again, sounds crazy but it is true. So let’s go into this journey of trading in: 15ft jasmine bushes for pine trees, mango trees for pear trees and trading key limes for grapes and see where this adventure takes us.

this is my previous backyard



New house- this pic is in an angle showing my neighbors backyard and in winter but believe me there is nothing back there.

I will post my latest pics because it’s starting to change.

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