Fresh off the easel! Plumeria study

I’ve been at a standstill with some paintings on the easel but I have still been painting other things. I love flowers especially tropical flowers and decided to do another floral painting. Plumeria’s are known as the flower used in Hawaii to make leis, they are fairly small flowers with a delicate petal and wonderfulContinue reading “Fresh off the easel! Plumeria study”

Fresh off the easel… “2 of a kind”

So, as I continue my botanical craze enjoying all the beautiful flowers that I look behind a window due to my horrific allergies and as I count the remaining days of summer awaiting a little cold snap in order to ease my allergies and my kids allergies I decided to do a second take painting 1 of my favoriteContinue reading “Fresh off the easel… “2 of a kind””