Update …

On the lighter side... my frog is coming along nicely with the exception of one of the eye lids, I just can't get it right. Here it is... Stay tune for the final.

Spam off

It's been awhile since I have posted anything because just like everyone else I have been a victim of spam blogger abuse, lol. It's funny how these ass wipes have to make their living by insulting other bloggers just to spark the anger so that they can get a hit on their website or blog. … Continue reading Spam off

Sketch in progress

This is still being worked on, shading, eyes, mouth and nose still need a lot of work. I usually do 15 minutes of sketching or painting at a time because I have two small children's and I can't focus during the day and by the time they go to bed I am done for 🙂 see more of … Continue reading Sketch in progress

An “Artist” or not?

I often find myself questioning my skills and ability as an artist. It’s funny how people that surround you see your work and praise your gift of being an Artist not knowing the struggles that go along with being an Artist; the mental challenges and the emotional down slopes for every piece that is not … Continue reading An “Artist” or not?