Peony Painting

Finally, I pushed myself to get this one off the easel, I had started this one a month or so back but left it sitting there and I got totally disconnected with this painting. Lately, I find myself to have an inconsistent attention span, I want to do everything and my painting gets pushed back,Continue reading “Peony Painting”

My new website…

Well, along with my gardening and all my Halloween decor that I’ve been caught up in, I had the brilliant idea to consolidate my website, blog and store and to make it worse change the hosting company.  This meant that I had to start from scratch for my website but now I had more themeContinue reading “My new website…”

Happy New Year! Off on the right foot

I like to wish everyone a year full of health, prosperity, good fortune and for my fellow artist may it be rich with creativity and artistic enlightenment. It’s been a while since I have blog and hopefully this year I can balance my blog, website, painting, kiddos and be able to continue my growth asContinue reading “Happy New Year! Off on the right foot”