Fresh off the easel – “Tranquil”

A few days ago I started the process of a painting and have blogged the steps of the process. I started first with the charcoal sketch and then the under toning and from the beginning I set my mind to use a limited palette. I stuck with just using Charvin’s Ultramarine Blue, Ruby Red, FrenchContinue reading “Fresh off the easel – “Tranquil””

Another update…

I worked very little because of time constraints but did managed to make some changes after my trusty 9 year old art critic pointed out some areas that need to be worked on. Changed the nostril sizes, bottom of the nose had to be reshaped, added some hair highlights, worked on the contour of theContinue reading “Another update…”

Update …

I painted a little today some in the morning which I posted earlier today and I managed to have another painting session after putting the kiddies to sleep and this is where I’m at. I think I’m starting to see some progress but I still need to refine and soften ¬†some of the facial featuresContinue reading “Update …”

Painting progress

I worked this morning for a little bit before getting my daughter ready for school on the highlight, nose, chin and hand but I’m challenged by the lips, the hand and the dimensionality of the painting. I am happy to say that I have used a limited palette – Charvin’s Ruby Red, Ultramarine¬†Blue, French PrimaryContinue reading “Painting progress”