Peony Painting

Finally, I pushed myself to get this one off the easel, I had started this one a month or so back but left it sitting there and I got totally disconnected with this painting. Lately, I find myself to have an inconsistent attention span, I want to do everything and my painting gets pushed back,Continue reading “Peony Painting”

Fresh off the easel…

So… for several weeks now I have been working casually on a painting that really reminds me of my father, he fell in love with the songs and lyrics of this artist that my husband introduced him to and as his medical condition worsen and cancer continued its path of destruction he would listen toContinue reading “Fresh off the easel…”

Fresh off the easel! “Barely Blushing”

Once again I’ve been fixated on painting tropical flowers, I figured my previous plumeria painting needed a match. This one really took a little longer than expected but I think it turned out pretty nice. Photo could be better ­čśÉ     24×22 oil on canvas

Another update…

It’s been a slow process with these orchids and I been having a difficult time in grasping my visual intensions. I go between overworking to under working and I keep finding myself going back and removing what I painted and starting that area over. For the most I have set my focus on those flowersContinue reading “Another update…”

Update …

I painted a little today some in the morning which I posted earlier today and I managed to have another painting session after putting the kiddies to sleep and this is where I’m at. I think I’m starting to see some progress but I still need to refine and soften ┬ásome of the facial featuresContinue reading “Update …”

Painting progress

I worked this morning for a little bit before getting my daughter ready for school on the highlight, nose, chin and hand but I’m challenged by the lips, the hand and the dimensionality of the painting. I am happy to say that I have used a limited palette – Charvin’s Ruby Red, Ultramarine┬áBlue, French PrimaryContinue reading “Painting progress”