Fresh off the easel…

This painting was finished 2 days ago but due to hurricane Irma preparation, I have not been able to post. Currently, Irma is kicking South Florida's butt and as I receive the play by play from my mother who is currently going through it and is experiencing 100+ winds I needed to get my mind … Continue reading Fresh off the easel…

Fresh off the easel – “Sweet Glance”

This weekend I decided to pick another Magnolia flower to paint but this time I decided to take a different approach and focus primarily on shading and texture, I wanted to be loose with the paint brush. I did a simple red, yellow, blue and a little black mixed with a medium of rectified turpentine, varnishes and … Continue reading Fresh off the easel – “Sweet Glance”

Fresh off the easel – Southern Beauty!

Well, I think this one is done and I tried to capture grandeur of this incredible flower. The Magnolia Bracken Brown Beauty has this neat characteristic of these giant flowers that are pure white initially and then turning a creamy white and continues to change in color until the flower becomes a light caramel color. These flowers … Continue reading Fresh off the easel – Southern Beauty!

What have I been up to?

Well... since spring has entered my life I have found a way to do some gardening; planting tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, a fig tree and lots of flowers. I have roses, gladiolus, canna lilies, calla lilies and I have this fabulous magnolia tree that we relocated from the back of the house to the front and … Continue reading What have I been up to?