Surviving lockdown.

It’s been a couple of months since this crazy Covid-19 pandemic locked down the world and it’s been more devastating for some than to others but I think that the majority of us had to make some adjustments to our daily routine. I know for me my day would now start with my cup ofContinue reading “Surviving lockdown.”

It’s SPRING! Rose Garden in the making.

So here we are again… another Spring – and I must say I have been definitely distracted in preparation to this wonderful season, perhaps my favorite and I wonder why… I have been once again stuck in the garden – project after project with a painting resting on the easel that I have commenced andContinue reading “It’s SPRING! Rose Garden in the making.”

Oops…I did it again…

O’my, what 2 buckets of seashells from going to the beach on the weekends and a gallon of $9 “oops” granite texture paint for concrete from my local home improvement store inspire me to do. I’ll tell you, I love going to the paint department every time I go to my favorite orange home improvementContinue reading “Oops…I did it again…”

Playing in the dirt…

So I’ve been busy in the garden as you saw in my previous posts, I’ve been playing in the dirt for the past few months trying to get my garden oasis which still has a long way to go. Here are some pictures from last year comparing the growth and changes. Avocado located left backContinue reading “Playing in the dirt…”

Seed Crazy…

So in my previous post, I shared my seed sorting and now that I have these seeds you might ask me, what the heck are you doing with them. Well, they get planted every where and anything from up cycled strawberry containers, egg containers, sandwich bags (well those I’m using for propagating roses) of justContinue reading “Seed Crazy…”