Peony Painting

Finally, I pushed myself to get this one off the easel, I had started this one a month or so back but left it sitting there and I got totally disconnected with this painting. Lately, I find myself to have an inconsistent attention span, I want to do everything and my painting gets pushed back,Continue reading “Peony Painting”

Fresh off the easel… “Glad’s and Canna’s

Slowing I’ve been getting back into the swing of things and the creativity is starting to flow, I’ve been busy doing a lot of home decor, changing out lighting fixtures, organizing- added some finally touches to my daughter’s Parisian inspired bedroom – made and installed corner shelves, installed a chandelier, making patio furniture cushions andContinue reading “Fresh off the easel… “Glad’s and Canna’s”

Fresh off the easel! “Barely Blushing”

Once again I’ve been fixated on painting tropical flowers, I figured my previous plumeria painting needed a match. This one really took a little longer than expected but I think it turned out pretty nice. Photo could be better 😐     24×22 oil on canvas

Fresh off the easel – “Sweet Glance”

This weekend I decided to pick another Magnolia flower to paint but this time I decided to take a different approach and focus primarily on shading and texture, I wanted to be loose with the paint brush. I did a simple red, yellow, blue and a little black mixed with a medium of rectified turpentine, varnishes andContinue reading “Fresh off the easel – “Sweet Glance””

What have I been up to?

Well… since spring has entered my life I have found a way to do some gardening; planting tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, a fig tree and lots of flowers. I have roses, gladiolus, canna lilies, calla lilies and I have this fabulous magnolia tree that we relocated from the back of the house to the front andContinue reading “What have I been up to?”

Fresh off the easel – Carnations and Peonies take 2

Like I mentioned before, this is a tribute to my first Carnations and Peonies painting that I recently sold and I missed having around. This time around I did get a little carried away with the petal detail in comparison to the first version.    

Mildly distracted…

Since my last post I’ve been distracted with everyday stuff, things that have to be done, at least I felt like they had to be done. I’ve been working on little home improvements like adding a glass backsplash in my kitchen, painting the family, dining, bath and my daughter’s room; you see when I purchasedContinue reading “Mildly distracted…”

Slowly but surely

So it’s been a very slowwww and frustrating process.  The last time I was in hopes of completing all the flowers, I have almost completed all of them with the exception of the yellow flower on the very right, still not right.  I also need to touch up the purple pink flowers above the yellow one. IContinue reading “Slowly but surely”

Another update…

It’s been a slow process with these orchids and I been having a difficult time in grasping my visual intensions. I go between overworking to under working and I keep finding myself going back and removing what I painted and starting that area over. For the most I have set my focus on those flowersContinue reading “Another update…”


So, it’s been slowly progressing along and very challenging. I worked more on the leaves, starting working on the stems, slowly adding more color to the pots and started chipping away on the flowers… Ohhhhh, what a challenge for me but I shall continue on. Here’s the latest…