Art Show “with these hands”

Today I was working frantically trying to make a frame for my painting "Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers"to delivery to the gallery after 11am. The painting is still delicate to the touch but I opted to take a chance and take if for the opening tonight and will remain in the gallery until May 2nd.  … Continue reading Art Show “with these hands”

Fresh Off the Easel- “Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers”

This piece was painted for an entry exhibit about lemons - I decided to be me and just have fun with the piece and express myself. Lemons our sour and are considered a symbol of disappointment and faultiness,  but it is also considered is some other cultures and beliefs a sign of fruitfulness good fortune … Continue reading Fresh Off the Easel- “Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers”