Fresh off the easel – “Carrer de l’Esperança “

I love waking up early before everyone, there is something about being the first one in an empty space, the first one to see, smell and hear your surroundings. It’s not so much for me as being up early because you accomplish more but it’s more like you have your space in time where it’sContinue reading “Fresh off the easel – “Carrer de l’Esperança “”

On the easel…

For the past couple of weeks I have been working and planning new paintings.  I’m trying to have more productive painting sessions.  I’ve been working on the 1 point perspective painting of the Café that I have been wanting to start and finish. Starting working on the stone road, why did I decide to do this…. OMG… Still nothingContinue reading “On the easel…”