Fresh Off the Easel- “Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers”

This piece was painted for an entry exhibit about lemons - I decided to be me and just have fun with the piece and express myself. Lemons our sour and are considered a symbol of disappointment and faultiness,  but it is also considered is some other cultures and beliefs a sign of fruitfulness good fortune … Continue reading Fresh Off the Easel- “Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers”

Fresh off the easel -Still life

I've been painting casually and been feeling disappointed and frustrated as an artist, not to mention I have painters block... I been trying to regroup my thoughts as an artist and been studying other artists and viewing videos on refining my technique. I have also been analyzing my self and my goal as an artist, … Continue reading Fresh off the easel -Still life

Fresh off the easel! “Barely Blushing”

Once again I've been fixated on painting tropical flowers, I figured my previous plumeria painting needed a match. This one really took a little longer than expected but I think it turned out pretty nice. Photo could be better 😐     24x22 oil on canvas

Happy New Year! Off on the right foot

I like to wish everyone a year full of health, prosperity, good fortune and for my fellow artist may it be rich with creativity and artistic enlightenment. It's been a while since I have blog and hopefully this year I can balance my blog, website, painting, kiddos and be able to continue my growth as … Continue reading Happy New Year! Off on the right foot

Fresh off the easel… “2 of a kind”

So, as I continue my botanical craze enjoying all the beautiful flowers that I look behind a window due to my horrific allergies and as I count the remaining days of summer awaiting a little cold snap in order to ease my allergies and my kids allergies I decided to do a second take painting 1 of my favorite … Continue reading Fresh off the easel… “2 of a kind”

Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your support this previous year, your encouragement and sharing of all your amazing talents. I wish all my fellow bloggers a Happy New Year, may it be happy, healthy, creative and full of new adventures. And may we all paint, create and blog more.... Best Wishes Isabel

Post “Artic Freeze” :)

So, yesterday was very different for me since I am originally from South Florida where you spend your winter days at the beach. Nashville had record lows of below zero; it was a bit cold nonetheless I had to venture out. I've been in snow before for skiing vacations but never lived in place that snows, it was beautifully … Continue reading Post “Artic Freeze” đŸ™‚