30-day challenge day 1

I guess better late than never so here's my first day, I actually painted it last night but could not get a good picture till this morning. I decided to keep it simple 1 object and limiting myself to 1-hour maximum,.  I painted this one in 45 minutes, I felt anxious and kind of uncomfortable … Continue reading 30-day challenge day 1

Another New Year…waiting for 2019!

As we approach the final days of 2018, I am completely relieved that is coming to a closing...it's been a bizarre year with ups and downs, with some very good changes that came with it but as far as my creative side it was a complete struggle and I was not very successful in my … Continue reading Another New Year…waiting for 2019!

Moscato and Tangerines

I decided to do this painting to have fun with colors and shadows, my main focus was the tangerines. I really wanted to capture the tangerine sections but did not want it to look like I was trying to attempt hyper-realism, which either way I am not very good at. I still wanted it to … Continue reading Moscato and Tangerines

Fresh off the easel

While, I'm still finishing up my David Bowie painting I figure I would post a pic of my latest floral painting, it's just a simple arrangement of white butterfly gingers in a green glass vase. I love butterfly ginger flowers, the fragrance is delightfully intoxicating, I have them planted in several areas of my garden … Continue reading Fresh off the easel

On the easel

It's been a while since I have posted anything on my blog ...well, it's been a while since I have been inspired to paint after the passing of my father. It has been a real struggle to get myself back into the groove of things, just going back to my everyday routine; working out, having … Continue reading On the easel

Fresh off the easel… “Glad’s and Canna’s

Slowing I've been getting back into the swing of things and the creativity is starting to flow, I've been busy doing a lot of home decor, changing out lighting fixtures, organizing- added some finally touches to my daughter's Parisian inspired bedroom - made and installed corner shelves, installed a chandelier, making patio furniture cushions and … Continue reading Fresh off the easel… “Glad’s and Canna’s

Fresh off the easel…”Weathered”

I've always been fascinated by trees, particularly their trunks and branches, the more beaten up the more character they seem to have. Scientist have studied tree trunks and the wood of trees to determine the environment as part of ecological study, and to determine insect and disease infestation that can damage them. Since I'm not … Continue reading Fresh off the easel…”Weathered”

Out in the garden…

Here's some pictures of the front garden beds with black mulch. There are still some areas that are being worked on, like the sides that the plants are small and you might see some bare spots but with time they will flourish just like the front main garden beds. There are Red Fountain Grasses, Canna's, … Continue reading Out in the garden…

I’m back or at least trying to be…

It's been a while since I posted, it's been a while since I painted. The last painting I started was in the beginning of April and has sat on my easel staring at me, my father started going in and out of the hospital and I becoming worried that cancer was winning the battle. After … Continue reading I’m back or at least trying to be…

Fresh Off the Easel- “Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers”

This piece was painted for an entry exhibit about lemons - I decided to be me and just have fun with the piece and express myself. Lemons our sour and are considered a symbol of disappointment and faultiness,  but it is also considered is some other cultures and beliefs a sign of fruitfulness good fortune … Continue reading Fresh Off the Easel- “Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers”