Mascarpone Créme Brûlée

Yes! Mascarpone and Créme Brûlée a beautiful marriage- the richness of the Mascarpone, as if the Créme Brûlée was not rich on its own, adds an additional creaminess that is quite amazing. This particular recipe is closer to a Crema Catalana, a little softer in texture, like a custard. Try to use the best ingredients … Continue reading Mascarpone Créme Brûlée

Tiramisu Cheesecake

Yes ... Tiramisu Cheesecake, why not, I have been on this Mascarpone trip recently and can't get enough. So, I had a package of Alessi Brand Lady Fingers that I was planning on making Tiramisu but I had this brilliant idea that I could make a cheesecake with a Lady Finger crust then, I thought … Continue reading Tiramisu Cheesecake

Baked Alaska

As I mentioned on one of the previous posts that I had family staying over and  I was making a cake for my daughter's birthday so, here's what I ended up making. My daughter has had whey protein allergies since she was 4, she is now 14, it has been a challenge for her to … Continue reading Baked Alaska

The Best Marscarpone Brownies.

Yes, they are! Really they are, they're the love child of a moist Brownie and a Tiramisu, they are absolutely delectable and best of all...they are super easy to make. I used my favorite brownie recipe that I have been using now for about 15 years and simply added an additional step to make these … Continue reading The Best Marscarpone Brownies.

Monster High???

Yep, It was cake time for me again and this one had to be a Monster High theme cake. So I was thinking fondant covered, fondant logo, easy peasy, let's say I am glad it's done, not perfect but my daughter, the customer is satisfied.  Here are the pics, again not perfect but after cutting … Continue reading Monster High???

“Hulk Smash” cake – done

I just finished assembly the hulk cake for my son's b-day and I think a came about pretty decent considering the my children were screaming like crazy people all morning and I could not get a grip of my nerves. Cake Recipe: equal weighed amounts of: whole eggs granulated sugar all purpose flour - I … Continue reading “Hulk Smash” cake – done

Hulk Cake on the way…

As I mentioned in my previous post that there is a birthday cake that needs to be completed this weekend, I have started creating the components to the "Hulk Smash Cake". I used the rice crispy treat recipe to create the rocks and hand and they have been covered in fondant, see below.      … Continue reading Hulk Cake on the way…

Cuban Bread

I've been trying for 2 weeks to make the perfect Cuban bread, just like I remember eating back in South Florida. I stumbled upon several recipes and finally decided to try the one posted on the website below. I follow the directions -  I did end up using 4 1/2 cups of bread flour … Continue reading Cuban Bread

Unfinished business…

It's been a very productive week for me. I will be posting later on today some pics. of my latest painting and drawing that I am working on simultaneously. I recently got really inspired and I am riding that wave. And no, I have not painted my art room yet 😦 I am thinking of doing … Continue reading Unfinished business…