Out in the garden…

Here's some pictures of the front garden beds with black mulch. There are still some areas that are being worked on, like the sides that the plants are small and you might see some bare spots but with time they will flourish just like the front main garden beds. There are Red Fountain Grasses, Canna's, … Continue reading Out in the garden…

Back to Gardening…

It's been a while since I have posted and I've been a little busy bee. I been gardening a bit I removed 25 plants that were in the front garden beds that I thought would not be a good idea to leave there since some would grow about 25 ft. tall. I relocated some to … Continue reading Back to Gardening…

Lavender crazy

It's been sometime since I've had an update on my Lavender propagation. Here's a pic of the original group and their progress. They are doing very well and I've been pinching them back weekly so that they branch out.          below is a tray that I started 4 weeks ago, I need to … Continue reading Lavender crazy

Plant propogation update

I've watched my Lavender and Rosemary cuttings for the past several weeks and I can say that 50% of the cuttings are rooting, I am very please with the results and today I will take the taller plants and pot them in a container where they will still until Spring and I can plant them outdoors. The tops … Continue reading Plant propogation update

Pear Tree fungal disease

Back in mid September I notice that my pear tree that I had planted a couple of months back was not looking so hot and the leaves that were once growing were not growing anymore and they were starting to curl and turn brown and brittle. I was really bummed because I was hoping to … Continue reading Pear Tree fungal disease

Wheat Grass lawn update

Well, it's been awhile since I planted the wheat grass that I started indoors which was lush and beautiful outside.  I have not reported any results until now because, I'm really not sure how they are doing, it's seems that they are still alive but I am not sure if they are growing any. I might … Continue reading Wheat Grass lawn update

Lavender status

Well it has been 10 days since I did a retake on the propagation of my Lavender and Rosemary with the root hormone and I think they are doing fairly well, I do have a few that look like they didn't make it but the rest seem to be progressing, they are still green and … Continue reading Lavender status

Lavender take 2

Here we go again. I am determined to have a lot of Lavender next Spring. I went to HD and got some rooting hormone, this is suppose to be fail proof, we'll see. I carefully got some cuttings from my plants and made sure that each cutting has a min. of 3 nodes and scratched … Continue reading Lavender take 2

Epic fail – Lavender

Well... It looks like the lavender dipped in the honey did not work out to well for me, they have started to grey out and I throw 2 out b/c they looked completely dead.  Back to the drawing board. The picture below shows how bad they are doing, I'll keep them around for a little … Continue reading Epic fail – Lavender