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Category: Epicure

A collections of yummy stuff.

kt. Muffins

I know another carrot muffin recipe but these muffins are going to make you feel like gold. They are packed with carrots and other nutritious ingredients and the best thing about it is you can make them as healthy as … Continue Reading kt. Muffins

Going bananas!!!!!

Well, this morning I had a group of beautifully ripe bananas and though it was only 6:30am I just had to, I had to make banana bread. I like making my banana bread in a bundt cake¬†pan because you never … Continue Reading Going bananas!!!!!

Totally Delish!!!!

So here I go making another batch of my favorite and the¬†Best Chocolate Cupcakes¬†which are moist and delicious just on their own but this time I made them a little different. I was walking through the baking aisle of the … Continue Reading Totally Delish!!!!