Surviving lockdown.

It's been a couple of months since this crazy Covid-19 pandemic locked down the world and it's been more devastating for some than to others but I think that the majority of us had to make some adjustments to our daily routine. I know for me my day would now start with my cup of … Continue reading Surviving lockdown.

Covid -19

I hope everyone is safe and in good health, I don't know about you but this Covid-19 stuff saddens me and it's making me nuts. Covid -19 Wondering if there is any correlation between the 1918 flu (TB - related deaths) and BCG vaccination that is no longer administered. It seems the country that has … Continue reading Covid -19

Pantry Pride!

Hello to everyone, it's been some time since I have blogged anything, I have kept myself busy and distracted with home improvement projects and have left 2 paintings on the easel for over 1 1/2 months which I think I need to start over. I initially started with a strong pace, I even painted the … Continue reading Pantry Pride!

Peony Painting

Finally, I pushed myself to get this one off the easel, I had started this one a month or so back but left it sitting there and I got totally disconnected with this painting. Lately, I find myself to have an inconsistent attention span, I want to do everything and my painting gets pushed back, … Continue reading Peony Painting

Marscapone Créme Brûlée

Yes! Marscapone and Créme Brûlée a beautiful marriage- the richness of the Marscapone, as if the Créme Brûlée was not rich on its own, adds an additional creaminess that is quite amazing. This particular recipe is closer to a Crema Catalana, a little softer in texture, like a custard. Try to use the best ingredients … Continue reading Marscapone Créme Brûlée

30 day challenge … day 3

Okay... I think I am naming these 30 (5x7) painting challenge, I think it would make more sense to call it the 30 painting challenge.  So anyways here it is, this one was very challenging not my favorite, I just couldn't get those bamboo leaves to my liking but it is what it is and … Continue reading 30 day challenge … day 3

Rosegarden update…

Before mowing the lawn this weekend I was saddened to see 2 of my Honeymoon roses look like they are going to kick the bucket, I emailed Jackson and Perkins with the pictures in hopes that they will stand by their guarantee. Either way, I have 2 new roses that arrived on Friday from The … Continue reading Rosegarden update…

30 day challenge day 3 delayed post.

Day 3 was painted on Friday but never got around to post it, nothing fancy I tried not to overwork the painting, I tried to lay the paint and not mess with it too much. I must admit I'm not doing very well with my challenge but I am painting a lot more than what … Continue reading 30 day challenge day 3 delayed post.

Tiramisu Cheesecake

Yes ... Tiramisu Cheesecake, why not, I have been on this Mascarpone trip recently and can't get enough. So, I had a package of Alessi Brand Lady Fingers that I was planning on making Tiramisu but I had this brilliant idea that I could make a cheesecake with a Lady Finger crust then, I thought … Continue reading Tiramisu Cheesecake

30-day Challenge day 3 on the works

Day 3 of the 30-day challenge was started (only have 30 minutes of work on it thus far) and I will be finishing it later today and I will post the final this evening.