I started painting at 18 when I attended the University of Miami in Pursuit of my Bachelor’s in Engineering and a minor in Fine Art. While attending UM I was highly influenced by my professors and some master painters like Henri Emile Lemmens; at that point, I became highly motivated and involved in the Art department and assisted with the coordination of a few gallery presentations at the Lowe Art Museum and I even had the privilege to present some pieces. Art was not my primary focus back then, but it did play a key role in my life as a means of expressing and interpreting life’s happiness and mishaps yet, I never followed my passion.

In 2013 I launched my website and went public with my art and proceeded to become a full-time artist since then I have continued to grow and independently studied other artist and new techniques. I have set focus on primarily painting in oils with bright vibrant colors with a variety of subjects.

Artist Statement

I drench a canvas with rich, bright colors primarily working with oil paints, no palette predetermination allows for unlimited color exploration and my paintings develop an enrichment of color saturation with dimensionality and visual texture. Colors are blended with the sense of movement while approaching the borders of a pronounced edge creating an image that is commandeering and allures your eyes into a journey of lines and undulations.

My work has not set focus on one particular subject instead I obtain my inspiration from the simplicity around us, the things that we tend to overlook, capturing and translating its emotional expression in its elementary form. I keep my perspective as an artist traditional yet with a touch of contemporary.

Most importantly, I paint what I enjoy, what makes me happy, and what my heart desires.

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