Why Bonbons?

QuestionSo you are probably thinking why bonbons and where are the bonbons? Well, a bonbon just means sweets in French and this section of my blog really taps into my childhood passion. I still remember when I was 8 years old and I would arrive home from school and I would grab a stack of “Galletas Maria” (which is a Spanish cracker that has a little sweetness) and I would place them in a tall glass and poured milk over them and then I would break the crackers in the milk with a spoon and eat away, ohhhh boy was that good. This cookie/cracker event would happen every day while watching PBS and all the back to back cooking shows; “Great Chefs”, “It’s about my food, wine and friends” and my all time favorite “Julia Child”; with my note pad and pencil I would watch for an hour and a half jotting down all these great recipe and tips, I still have my notes in my very old Julia Child recipe book that I begged my mom to buy for me. I would do this ritual everyday and every Saturday I would try a recipe out on the family. Everyone thought it was strange that an 8 year was making puff pastry from scratch and they all really thought that I would become a chef one day but as we get older our interest may change and they did. Needless to say I did not become a chef and ended up studying Engineering and Fine Art but the cooking and baking lives on and you never know maybe my direction in life changes again but for the meantime there is nothing better than creating a master piece in your kitchen.  Everyone shares their recipes but I like sharing my discoveries and maybe some recipes  :).

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