Day 1 of the 30-day Challenge

Day-1 of my 1 a day for 30, I’m keeping these paintings short no more than 2 hours, and the canvas size is 6×8. The goal here is not to have a perfect painting but to get reacquainted with painting and to get back into the groove. It was not easy but let’s see how I progress in the days to follow.

Okay, this was more challenging than I anticipated, I felt as if I have never painted. I was uncomfortable and had no idea what to paint, I putzed around cleaning my pallet that had dried paint for several months. Then I just said to myself I’ll pick whatever picture I have saved from the past. I found this watermelon on a plate picture and I figured I paint only one of them, I was feeling intimidated. I did 2 small time action videos (short snips – first time doing this) and a picture of the final painting. This painting was finished in 1 hour, staying true to my challenge not to exceed 2 hours.

Here’s the picture.
Starting the painting
Part 2

Here’s the final picture, not what I was hoping for but nonetheless it’s completed.

Watermelon wedge

Come back tomorrow for day 2, and support me through this challenge. 🙂

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Artist, gardener, and creator. I'm an artist obsessed with gardening, DIYing, and with a passion for baking.

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