Building a desk.

This desk was actually made in November.

Yes, I built a desk, not sure why but I needed a desk and could not find anything that attracted me and that was within my budget, and besides, we had Covid downtime :). It was also a way to use up plywood sitting in my garage leftover from my pantry build. I also had a wood biscuit cutter that I purchased for Xmas in 2019 and still had not used it. So, I figure I would give it a try and the only additional heavy ticket item that was purchased was a Ryobi cordless nail gun from HD, it was a good investment for future building projects and picture frame making. So, I got to work and drew some sketches, a little rusty but I got down the basic concept and created a cut list from the drawing. I figured that I would build the following:

Cubbies were built with 3/4″ plywood, top was with 1/2″ plywood.

2 cubbies measuring 12″x 8″ x 28″– open facing to the front, these would be place in front of the desk and back wall of the cubbie would be the side of the back cubbie.(I hope that makes sense)

2 cubbies measuring 10.5″ x 8″ x 28″ – open facing to the sides.

The top would measure 45″x 24″ (1/2″ plywood which later I decided to glue to 1/2″ to make a top 1″ thick)

The platform was originally designed 12″ x 45″ x 6″ with three openings. I changed the measurement because I was going to lose too much work space, the final measurements are 8″ x 45″ x 6″

Once, I had my cut list ready it was time to set up my sophisticated cutting saw and table.

I cut all the wood and used the biscuit cutter to cut out joints, my assist and I brought all the wood to my art studio where it was cooler.

I started assembling or trying to, and it became a trial and error with redo cuttings but I got through it. I also started having fun and collecting all the scraps glue and nailing them together to utilize it as a drawer front, drawers were not in the original plan but I could stop playing with this nail gun.

The 3rd picture I have one cubby completed.

It started to move along, and I was able to see some progress. I did run short of plywood for the top of the desk but ended up gluing 2 cut pieces to the bottom of the single-piece top, clamping, and leaving for 24 hours. I wanted the top to be thicker, and I didn’t want to spend any more money. I didn’t take any pictures of that disaster, but after sanding, it worked out.
While the top dried, I began assembling the pedestal top. In addition to the original cuts for the pedestal, I added a backboard 4″ height for stability but placed it with a gap on the top and bottom so that I could run cables through. That is not a bag full of rice in the background, I upcycled the bag for storage of my painting rags.

So, not bore you any further he is the finishing of the desk.

I think it turned out pretty decent considering that I have never built any furniture and the only tools used were a circular saw with my hilarious setup, a biscuit cutter, a drill, and my trusty cordless nail gun. I think if I had a table saw and a chop saw that project would have gone smoother and perhaps easier.

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