Covid -19

I hope everyone is safe and in good health, I don’t know about you but this Covid-19 stuff saddens me and it’s making me nuts.

Covid -19

Wondering if there is any correlation between the 1918 flu (TB – related deaths) and BCG vaccination that is no longer administered. It seems the country that has been hit the hardest has been the ones that never and/or stopped administered the BCG vaccine. The vaccine was administered in hopes of eradicating Tuberculosis but because of controversy was suspended in many countries.
I wonder if individuals that have received the BCG vaccine are immune or less susceptible to contracting Covid-19 or are asymptomatic (Latent Tuberculosis). Maybe obtain blood samples that have Covid-19 and test the vaccine on those samples.
It seems that the root cause of death is Pneumonia caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (very contagious especially for the weak immune system), should we treat this as TB, antibiotics cycles for sure. The WHO also had advised back in 2005 – that TB was back as a global world epidemic.
Should we look at this vaccine as a possibility of prevention?
Interesting findings below.
NCBI – map shows the country that had and did not have the vaccine.
Could we possibly say that this is the Mycobacterium tuberculosis that everyone has been talking about? Is so let’s treat the bacteria (antibiotics) and then test a new better version of the BCG vaccine.


My thinking I am not a doctor or an expert by any means just trying to think how we can all get out of this shit!

Stay safe.

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2 thoughts on “Covid -19

    1. Sorry for the delay… We were out of lockdown however, a few neighboring towns near me are going back in and the majority have made it mandatory to wear a mask with the exception of my town. I’m in Florida and it has become a hot spot and within the last few weeks the #’s are rising. The US is a mess with the pandemic and the riots and at this point it’s acting like the Divided States of America instead of United. We’ll see how this all unveils. Stay safe and keep singing. 🙂

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