Another New Year…waiting for 2019!

As we approach the final days of 2018, I am completely relieved that is coming to a closing…it’s been a bizarre year with ups and downs, with some very good changes that came with it but as far as my creative side it was a complete struggle and I was not very successful in my personal gains but none the less I am still here, quiet but here with gears still moving and thinking, planning of what I want to accomplish. I have changed my surroundings once again and left St. Augustine, FL but still in the sunshine state. I have definitely been inactive in the art studio because of selling, packing and moving from my previous home to the new.  I have finally settled in my new surroundings which I am so thrilled about, though the whole process has left me fatigue and exhausted. My studio has gone through some major changes and I am still trying to get comfortable in the new area, a bit smaller but it’s cozy, comfy,  warm feeling and I already have planted a small Mediterranean garden for my window view – I planted some Lavender, Rosemary and an Olive tree – I did add a White Bird of Paradise, just because of those beautiful flowers it will have when it blooms.  I really don’t much space, it just has to feel good, I am hoping that I am able and i’m inspired to create some really nice pieces this year and get back into a gallery or a showing venue. I am also hoping that I balance my time properly between my gardening and painting, it always happens new space new opportunities – I tried to get the gardening bug out of the way as soon as I moved in but every-time I walk out I see opportunities of color and beautiful plants that can be added.

As I said before, I have been quiet but around and have seen all the post of the individuals I follow but I have not be responsive or involved. This coming year I hope to gain momentum in getting more involved with my blog and my painting once again.

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and creative new year and hope to continue my blogging.



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