Seed Crazy…

So in my previous post, I shared my seed sorting and now that I have these seeds you might ask me, what the heck are you doing with them. Well, they get planted every where and anything from up cycled strawberry containers, egg containers, sandwich bags (well those I’m using for propagating roses) of just sprinkled on the ground.  Here’s a lot of my set up now, previously I had one of those inexpensive portable greenhouses with the zipper cover but I opted to ditch it, I could not stand the clutter it was creating and decide to get a stainless steel rack with wheels, still some clutter but…it’s working well, for now, the plants stay under the enclosed cover patio until they are ready for their next location.

Once I think the plants are strong enough I usually move the to the open patio in another container if needed and they have taken over this old patio table, they seem to do very well in this cover of the patio.

This year I had this brilliant idea that I wanted to plant loofah sponge gourd, planted them with purple basil, tomatoes, butternut squash, peppers (all started as seeds)and planted them on a side of the back garden where I’d planted 3 new rose bushes, had a small areca palm, 2 pineapple plants and a couple of ti plants. This is what it looked on 07/10… A little crazy.

Today, just 5 days later, no loofah but a lot of butternut squash flowers and  1 squash, the roses and Greek peppers are no longer visible unless you move some of the foilages, they don’t seem to mind they are still thriving.

Time to tidy up those vines though.

My next post I will share what my garden looked like last year and what it looks like now.

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Artist, gardener, and creator. I'm an artist obsessed with gardening, DIYing, and with a passion for baking.

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