Backyard Garden

As promised, I finally got around to taking some pictures of my back yard. So, I remember when I first moved into my current house when we moved back to Florida. The yard was pretty bare and not much going on and I new that I would be a long term project to have a lush garden. In 2014 I had posted some pics of my house then, see below.

then, I followed up with a few other pics displaying the swing and hammock project…

This is where I am today… finally things are starting to take shape and I am starting to get a feel where things grow best and where the land needs more nutrients, you might also notice that the house color did change… long story…had some challenges with the builder and was able to take advantage and change the color of the house. The fire pit is also done but I will post that on a different post.

Plants in the garden, well some of them, it’s pretty crazy out there and keep in mind it is work in progress. I love mixing my plants – flowers, fruits, vegetable and herbs all share the same space.

Elephant Ears, Papaya and Watermelons.

Shampoo Ginger and Orchids hanging on a tree.

Corner garden bed -(very back of the yard) has strawberries, green onions, some garlic, pineapple plant, celery, bok choy (just started) a melon vine,Ti money plant, Canna’s and a Key Lime with some very small limes 🙂



The other back corner of my yard is my trouble spot, I did manage to maintain a Meyer’s Lemon, some Ginger (edible), Korean Ginger, Canna’s – for color, a Papaya tree, Scotch Bonnet peppers- still not sure if they are true  Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers, Rosemary and a Haas Avocado tree.


A garden pal sleeping on a Canna leaf




Lilac trying to break ground, misc. pic and the best for last … a climbing pink rose bush full of flowers.

There are more plants in the garden and everyday I go out and change something, either remove, plant new or replace, it is ever changing as plants start to go through their stages. I love designing around their stages of maturity and I have other plants in pots that I want to add but I am not ready to remove all the green space just yet because of the kiddos.

In my next post I will show the steps I took to build my fire pit.

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