Fresh Off the Easel- “Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers”

This piece was painted for an entry exhibit about lemons – I decided to be me and just have fun with the piece and express myself. Lemons our sour and are considered a symbol of disappointment and faultiness,  but it is also considered is some other cultures and beliefs a sign of fruitfulness good fortune -for example having a lemon tree planted in your front lawn is said to bring good fortune and wealth. This painting is pretty simple but may be interpreted in many ways. The clouds were painted pretty liberally and the lemons were painted using pointillism and the finished the cloud details around them. The last picture I changed the lighting to photograph in order to show a little more dimension and my lighting in the studio was pretty bad because it’s cloudy outside, go figure 😕


“Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers”

30×40 -oil on canvas

Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers
Partly Cloudy with Lemon Showers


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