Fresh off the easel – “Sweet Glance”

This weekend I decided to pick another Magnolia flower to paint but this time I decided to take a different approach and focus primarily on shading and texture, I wanted to be loose with the paint brush. I did a simple red, yellow, blue and a little black mixed with a medium of rectified turpentine, varnishes and different oils, the smell is horrible but the paint flow is awesome, this was used for the background and for the chair. For the flower I used the same medium mix to wet the brush and applied the paint loosely with a #6 filbert bristle brush and occasionally blending with a mongoose #8 filbert. The main focus was the flower and not to paint defined lines with a brush but to create the boarders by paint application, that was hard for me since I have a tendency to paint defined lines and blend them out. So, anyways here’s the 16×16 painting, not sure if I favor this one but still a nice looking flower :).



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