I’ve been quiet but at work…

I’ve been quiet but I’ve been working. This past month I entered two of my paintings in a juried exhibit ,”Faces and Figures” was an exhibit in The Saint Augustine Art Association for the month of February and one was chosen, though I did not receive an award I was very pleased, surprised and excited to even be hanging in a gallery exhibit. It was a nice ice breaker and it gave me the opportunity to see other artist work and allowed me to receive a little exposure.

I entered:



And here I am at the exhibit with the most goofiest  smile ever.


After a shocking month, I started to work on another painting for another juried exhibition for June which is a wildlife and nature exhibit. So after much thought I decided to do a Hawksbill Turtle in a coral reef. This one is really giving me a bit of a challenge, here’s a glimpse of it.


Hopefully I can do this…


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