Fresh off the easel – “Tranquil”

A few days ago I started the process of a painting and have blogged the steps of the process. I started first with the charcoal sketch and then the under toning and from the beginning I set my mind to use a limited palette. I stuck with just using Charvin’s Ultramarine Blue, Ruby Red, French Primary Yellow, Ivory Black and Titanium White (just ordinary colors – didn’t want to use any of the premixed colors) for the medium I used Walnut oil, little Linseed oil here and there, a little Rectified Turpentine just when I needed some thinning (not to much of this one because of my allergies) and odorless turp. for cleaning between brush strokes.

This morning I decided to redo the entire nose and start over, at one point I thought that the painting was going to be trashed but after a cup of coffee and pacing around a little I proceeded to work on lighting and shadowing as oppose to shape, it all came together. I also messed around with the eyes a bit, and finished off the lips. I think I’m good with this one, I am happy with it but I’ll let everyone else be the judge and see what feedback I receive.

Here are several pictures, it’s really gray out today and the lighting in my studio is killing me.



Here’s the final.



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