On the easel…

For the past couple of weeks I have been working and planning new paintings.  I’m trying to have more productive painting sessions.  I’ve been working on the 1 point perspective painting of the Café that I have been wanting to start and finish. Starting working on the stone road, why did I decide to do this…. OMG… Still nothing on the Blue and Black poison dart frog but nothing to reveal at this point :(.

Oh… Not sure if I mentioned this before but I also officially became a member of the St. Augustine Art Assoc. – totally excited about that and to be able to meet other local artist in the area. Hopefully this will spark my creative process and push me to enter some of my work in some juried competitions, regardless of the outcome.

For the meantime, here’s my Café painting so far…


We’ll see how it turns out, I haven’t been very creative or productive lately…. :(, but I’m trying….

If I don’t blog again prior to Christmas, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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Artist, gardener, and creator. I'm an artist obsessed with gardening, DIYing, and with a passion for baking.

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