A little more…

Lately I’ve been feeling exhausted, drained and completely unenthusiastic about anything and everything, there’s too much going on but not enough happening. I’ve kept myself underwater in a sea of web pages, links and online galleries and so forth in order to keep myself grounded. I have updated my https://artbyisabel.com website and added affiliated with a couple of the art suppliers, created accounts with a few online galleries and basically have become a little more involved web designing/web marketing and though I have been painting, I still long for that piece that I am actually engulfed in. Inspiration has been very difficult lately, ideas are just ideas in my head and reference pictures are just sitting on a folder on my computer. I feel that I am in slow motion and that I see but not ingesting anything and I been thrown a life curve ball. I am dealing with some life challenges in and on top of that did I mention my silly, head strong, dictator of a 4 year old that wants me to play with his matchbox cars and tracks allllll dayyyyy, we don’t need to do anything else but play cars, then throw a 9 year old in the mix that is more concerned with fashion, her hair and her daily outfit than focusing on school work, lol.  We all have or had that moment in our life that we were pulled into many different directions and all those directions are just as important as the other and they are all time sensitive because if you don’t do it at that moment when are you going to have that opportunity again. Love one’s pass, children grow and you’ll miss playing with those cars and hearing about the latest fashion must have, inspiration comes and goes if not executed, door’s close if you don’t walk in and your craft is lost if you don’t work on it. It’s been really hard do what I want at the time that I want, to express myself on a canvas and to walk on those creative stepping stones.

So, I am up this morning writing and sorting my mental files and hopefully, just hopefully… I will see a little more, hear a little more, feel a little more,  play a little more, get inspired a little more, practice a little more and be pulled a little more in hopes for an art explosion. 🙂


Published by Art by Isabel

Artist, gardener, and creator. I'm an artist obsessed with gardening, DIYing, and with a passion for baking.

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