In the studio…

I’ve been working on several pieces and wanted to share. I have been venturing out of my comfort zone and in the process gaining more skills and techniques and at times have found myself challenged and frustrated.

My 3rd frog from the Poison Dart Frog series is on the works and has taken a back seat for just a little bit because I started just messing around with painting flowers, why I decided to do that is beyond me…Don’t know what I got myself into. So… the first flower painting, please laugh if you need to, not to convinced that it worked out but anyways here it is…

Carnation and Peonies – wow … I got frustrated and gave up. I will do a redo but not sure when.



Poison Dart Frog – not the best pic but it just to give you a peek. 🙂



The other flower painting below is strictly using the Zorn Palette – I normally don’t use a lot of colors I tend to use only 4 or 5 and mix from there.







2 thoughts

  1. Nice paintings Isabel – the frog has taken on the 3-d you were looking for. My goal one day is to paint peonies and roses, three years into painting and I still haven’t the courage to try. Bravo to you, I like your results a lot.

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