Back to Gardening…

It’s been a while since I have posted and I’ve been a little busy bee. I been gardening a bit I removed 25 plants that were in the front garden beds that I thought would not be a good idea to leave there since some would grow about 25 ft. tall. I relocated some to the back and they are hanging in there nothing to write about just yet. I added a few Sago Palms and some Canna Lilies in those front garden beds. The back yard is a little crazy started my seedlings and have propagated a rose from a beautiful rose bunch that we received.

Rose on left and seedlings on right (Peppers, Christmas Palms, Tomatoes, Basil, Thyme and an Avocado seed), we’ll see what happens.

??????????????????????    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I been trying to start my Orchid collection again since the 10 + Orchids I took to TN with me all died.

I have 2 Vanilla bean and Phalaenopsis purple flower. (picture on left)

A Mamey Sapote (picture on the right) which is still struggling with it’s transplant but is budding new leaves in the center, we’ll see what happens.


Planted some Blueberry bushes and a Blackberry vine.


Blueberries on top pic and the Blackberry is the 2 pics on the bottom.




I also planted a Meyers Lemon just because I love the smell of the leaves when you walk by and I had to have a Coconut Palm.

Meyers Lemon, left pic and Coconut palm to the right pic, the plant that is towards the back.




I did bring some plants with me from TN that survived because I kept indoors or in the back porch and now they seem to be happier.


Coffee plant, Lilac that is starting to show signs of budding leaves after the relocation and 2 Blueberry bushes that are trying to hang in there.


I have also added a lot of Canna Lilies because I love the tropical feel and added so Ti plants – Cordyline Fruticosa Chocolate Queen , one’s they use in Hawaii to make hula skirts.

Red Ti plant rooting from cutting, left pic, Ti plant back corner (long purple leaves (Cordyline Fruticosa Chocolate Queen), One of the many Canna’s that are scattered around, right pic.



This is the beginning of planning and creating my yard, no mulching or finalizing of plantings have been done. I will plant and relocate again and again until I see that the plants are happy then I will make walking paths and mulch. It’s going to be a process, LOL. I’ll keep you posted.

Aside from gardening I have been working in my studio, check out the on the easel post today. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Back to Gardening…

  1. Hey, glad to see you are back in sunny Florida! I bet the plants second that, ha. You should have called me, I just dug out about seven HUGE Ti plants, that I grew from one stalk I broke into many pieces, that were taking over the yard. I put a pond, yes I know, another pond, over them, and guess what, they are back!!!!! Ugghhh!

    I want one of the frog paintings, how much? Actually, I want one red and one blue. I simply must have an Isabel original.

    Like the drafting element, maybe do half draft lines and half paint in one image? Could be cool. Sort of mixed media-ish.

    xo, Rickee

    1. They are easy to grow. I love those plants. My mom mailed me some stalks from MIA. Another pond? I miss mine so much, I donated Vinny and the other fantails to a big pond in Indian Hammock park.Starting plans on my tropical oasis, got to have my pond but not sure how to deal with the raccoons and all the wildlife that appears in our yard regularly.

      Once I have the series of the frogs done I will put them up for sale. I can work on one for you. Just call me.

      Like the drafting element idea. I was just looking at an artist the day before yesterday that does animal paintings, half ink lines and half acrylic paint.

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