Patio, Poison, Painting Studio, Paintings and Turkey’s?

So I have been promising an update on one of my paintings and it is not complete just yet but I do have some pics of what has been going on. So of the pics are cool and some just a little yucky.

so I have manage to get a contractor to poor my concrete patio and they did a fantastic job, I’m so happy of the finish product. This is a great place for the kids to play around and I can even stretch my canvas and gesso them out in the open air, yes… 🙂






I even started planning my fire pit, I laid out some spare bricks that I had to get an idea of design and placement. Anyways, on the day that the contractor came to frame the concrete pad I get stung on my foot by something, not sure what it was but it was hurting like crazy and hours later it starting burning, really burning.


Then it started swelling, I tried hydrocortisone but no luck and 24 hours later…

foot 2

I started itching really bad and my sitting heart rate was 100 + bpm and having difficulty breathing and I decided to go to urgent care. To make a long story short, we determined that I was stung by a Scorpion since I already had sighted and killed 3 inside our house. I had a Serum Allergic reaction from the poison of the Scorpion and since I am severely allergic to Penicillin I had to be place on steroids for several days it’s been 2 weeks and my foot is a lot better and I feel a lot better since the encounter with the little critter. We did kill another one of those nasty guys in kitchen last night. Here’s my foot now :(.


I have also been working really hard in getting my painting studio and trying to feel comfortable in my new environment, I still have to hang curtains and all that jazz but it’s good for now.



And what about my painting, well… I have worked on my blue frogs though it’s not to noticeable and my ADD kicked in and started another painting.


On top of all that Turkey’s, yes Turkey’s… I have Wild Turkey’s living in the wooded lot behind my house, pretty cool, I hear them all the time and I manage to take a picture of one of them early in the morning when they were walking around feeding.






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