Change is good…

It’s been several weeks since I posted anything, my last post on May 8th mentioned that I was going to unveil the painting of my Poisonous Blue Dart Frog however, everything had to be placed on hold paintings had to be carefully wrap and packed and not to mentioned the rest of my studio and home. I had surprisingly sold my house in TN in just 5 weeks and had only 4 weeks to find a home to move my family and there was no doubt that I had missed my sunny days, the beach and everything that coastal living has to offer. I had set on my mind to relocate this year, my husband and I had talked about it around January and come February we were convinced that we had to move back to Florida, it was a unanimous family decision, even the kids wanted to move. No one was having fun and are days were not being enjoyed.

TN living had been bittersweet, between my allergies that escaladed to uber levels, asthma attacks,  cabin fever with small kids because of the nasty icy days and let’s not talk about clouuuudy, raiiiiiny days, boy there are plenty of those. I have a lot to say about TN that is not so positive but why waste my time.

So without further delay we booked a hotel for a few days and drove south, down to Florida 🙂 to find and purchase a home in 3 days and that we did, I knew exactly where I was going and purchased a home in St. Augustine, ahhhhh. The perfect house, the perfect wooded lot and just a 15 minute drive to the beach, couldn’t get any closer b/c houses next to the beach are expensive and are not in the best school district but nonetheless I would be back in the sunshine state. Change has been good so far and after a very stressful final 2 weeks with dealing with the closings and not to mention the movers (that’s a whole other blog post – it should be called something like: “moving nightmares” or “moving, you’re doing it wrong”)I swear I think the whole experience gave multiple mild strokes and for sure I had several nervous breakdowns. But anyways I am here in my new place and back in my state. I set my mind and executed a plan to change and I succeeded.  Now, if I only could do the same for my artwork, lol,

Picture of the nature reserve in my backyard


I’ve been here 11 days and I am all unpacked and fairly organized, my studio is ready (my studio is now the formal living room of the house but has a great space, I had to shop on a budget, lol but it’s all good ) and my frogs are on the easel and I will be finalized this week.

Picture of the frogs on the easel, not the best picture. It’s still on the works and the oil paint has dried somewhat so I will brush the whole painting with a mix of dammar varnish, rect. turp, venetian turp. and stand oil in hopes that the new paint application adheres to the previous. Will see how that goes.


Keep you posted. I have to catch up on wordpress readings…

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