Talking out load – Spring is on the way, blog update and just rambling…

It’s been awhile since I really have written anything so here I go… Spring is on its way…, yay, yay, finally, I have never been so excited for a season to change, really. Coming from South Florida where it’s basically Summer all year round and being in TN with its exciting, drastic weather changes, :[ who! – is all I can say. It’s been a weird winter for me, cold, depressing, and gray, icy and did I say cold and depressing. It’s been quite interesting for me. I am not accustomed to looking outside and seeing everything brown and dead with the exception of evergreen plants. I’ve seen a nice amount of snow, had some nasty ice storms where I can’t even open the car because it is sealed shut because it’s been engulfed with ice that can’t be broken or scraped. I even experienced the screeching sounds of the tornado sirens that go off in the town when you need to take cover b/c there’s a tornado outside your house, scary ;(. I bet you gathered that I am not enjoying my time here in TN. Call me crazy but there’s nothing like seating outside- if possible near the beach with a Margarita, the soft breezes blowing my humidity attacked hair and the smell of the ocean in the air, it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside .Oh wait, I think the warm fuzzy feeling could be the drink, lol, but anyways you got the picture. Being in a tropical or beaching setting is pretty awesome so anyways, missing all that… but for the time being I am here. I am enjoying the beautiful views of the hills and mountains in the distance, seeing cows as I am driving to do errands, such a change from driving through busy streets lined with shopping malls. So…I have dedicated most of my time painting, doing indoor gardening and other crafts or activities to get my mind of the gray depressing days. So enough with the rambling and let me update you with what I’ve been doing.
Baking –
I always bake but have not done anything so exciting that I wanted to share but I will be making a birth day cake for my son in the next couple of days – I’m thinking an Italian sponge cake with butter cream frosting covered with green fondant, Hulk theme cake, let’s see what I come up with. I will be sharing this one.
Gardening-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I did work on some Lavender propagation and successfully made 20+ Lavender plants and a few Rosemary plants indoor during the Winter and I will be planting them outside within the next few weeks and will share the pics, we’ll see if they grow successfully outdoors. I will be planting some rose bushes and bulbs as well, once I receive my order that I placed online – will keep you posted.

Here’s a pic of a few of the Lavender plants how they are doing to date.

Tulips were planted in the Fall and the leaves are starting to submerge from the ground.

A pic of a couple of Tulips that are growing.


The pear tree is starting to bud and seems that it will be producing leaves, I hope it does well, the last time I talked about my pear tree was during the Summer when I had to treat it with hydrogen peroxide and a baking soda bath and also a molasses and water bath for the fungal infection that had attacked the young tree, hopefully the treatments were successful. Once the leaves are out I will share the pics.
Art –
I have been working a lot in refining my skills as an artist and have been researching and doing self studies of other artist and their techniques and work. I feel enriched in this area and I have a sense of fulfillment for the pieces that I have been producing thus far. I will continue focusing in this area and hope that I can have some sort of success in this arena and perhaps have some work displayed and/or even sell some pieces. I will be visiting a local art coalition and some small galleries to possibly network and get involved more in my local art community – this is not easy for me since I am kind a of an introvert – will see. I will continue on with this journey and will share some of my techniques that I used in my paintings as a documentary of my studies to improve my skills. website has gotten revamped and I added a store and will be uploading some inventory for sale this week because quite frankly my home studio is beginning to feel overcrowded and getting out of control and I can’t handle clutter. I will be posting an update with my inventory has been updated, once done.

Pics of my studio mess


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