Fresh off the easel – “Pelican”

I finally completed my pelican painting, I figure I better stop before I over work it. I wanted to do something a little different, something that I would not typically paint. There is something about painting animals that one really gains a lot of skills because of the technique that one has to apply to accomplish the detailing.


This one is a 14″ x 16″ oil on a stretched cotton canvas, primed with an acrylic gesso.
Used a mix of 1 part Winsor & Newton Refined Linseed Oil with 1 part of Lucas Rectified Turp. for the medium.

Brushes used –

Grumbacher Black Diamond #4 and #10 flat brush (black bristle – were a little expensive) for the background and got very frustrated with the brushes but completed the background anyways with those brushes. I am not sure about those brushes they seem a little to stiff for my liking for this particular painting.

Creative Mark Pro Stroke  premium white bristle #2, #4 & #8 flat brush(these were a bargain a Jerry’s Artarama) used this for almost all the painting- for the primary stage of the feathers on the body, the feathering out from the body that overlaps the background, I really liked these brushes, minimal streaking, easy to control, nice flow with the paint and the bristle don’t fray and keep their edge nicely.

Creative Mark Ebony Splendor #6 & #22 Filbert  Teklon Synthetic Brush for blending (these were also another bargain at Jerry’s Artarama) not my favorite for painting yet, I’ll give it sometime with other paintings an see how they work out.

Creative Mark Vermeer #4 & #8 Filbert and #0 Round 100% Mongoose used for blending and to create the detail feather texture on the body, soft blending. I also used it to paint the beak. I love these brushes they paint very well but they tend to spread a little after cleaning them but a little dip in Mona Lisa Brush Reshaper and Restorer takes care of that.

I will be finishing this painting with a Venetian Glazing Medium –

a mixture of :

Damar Varnish, Rectified Turp., Stand Oil and Venetian Turp.

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