Sitting Waiting

Today has been a day that I just sat and waited, waited for our artic freeze, waited for some creative thoughts. While I wait for nature to take it’s course I decide to keep busy; I changed the look of my blog once again, I been caring for my Lavender plants that I propagated (all 28 plants) that sit on my window sill and will be planted on my slope come spring and I also replanted my orchids that were damaged from the previous freeze we had in TN.

I hope to be relaxed and more focused in painting and drawing. There’s something about the holidays; I like to decorate and see the kids happy  and angry from exhaustion but after that whole ordeal one is completely drained and for me personally my creative output is not just there and that’s when anxiety sets in form me. I’m a passionate person and I get angry and frustrated easily when things don’t happen when I want them too.  I hope that this year my approach will be different and I will take the days as they come, one day at a time and whatever I accomplish or don’t accomplish is okay. I have written my goals down for this year and I am willing to be a little patient and try to enjoy the moment  when the time comes for me to tackle them and accomplish those items, it will happen, it always does. I believe that us individuals that are goal oriented and worry and stress about accomplishments we always are able to achieve, I think it’s the constant torture of our own mind repeating to ourselves that we need to do, we need to complete, we need to achieve.

Let’s have another great year but this time without anxiety, please….let’s talk in a week when I am having my anxiety attack, lol. I will try to chill for now I will sit and wait….

Published by Art by Isabel

Artist, gardener, and creator. I'm an artist obsessed with gardening, DIYing, and with a passion for baking.

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