Pear Tree fungal disease

Back in mid September I notice that my pear tree that I had planted a couple of months back was not looking so hot and the leaves that were once growing were not growing anymore and they were starting to curl and turn brown and brittle. I was really bummed because I was hoping to have this beautiful fruit tree and now it looked like it was dying. After contacting and sending a picture of my tree to the company I purchased the tree from they advised me that the tree had some sort of fungal disease and suggested purchasing some fungal tree disease chemical.

?????????????????????? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I wanted to try a natural alternative since I am allergic to everything on this earth.I started to do some research on natural fungus disease remedies to make at home to save my tree and found two that seemed reasonable based on the property of the ingredients and I had them at home.

The first:  Mix 2 tbsp. of each (baking soda and peroxide) with 32 ounces of water, I mixed this up in a juice bottle that I recycled, be careful shaking this because when peroxide mixes with baking soda it does produce some pressure in the container just like shaking a soda bottle.

First, remove all the leaves and diseased stems. I just snapped them with my hands because I did not want to contaminate my tools but you can use pruners and then dip them in a 50/50 ration of bleach and water to clean them. After you have removed and discarded foliage that has been removed discard them in the trash DO NOT place them in the compost bin or leave them on the grass, it will contaminate the other plants.

Place the mixture in a spray bottle or just poured it from the top of tree  and bath the plant with it and pour some around the base of the plant, you would need to do this every week for several weeks (I did it since September until just last week and instead of doing the same mixture every week I alternated with the one below).

The second: Blend 6 cloves of garlic with 2 cups of water in the blender, I now it makes your blender stinky but soap and hot water takes care of that.  This one is applied just like I applied the peroxide and baking soda mixture just make sure the plant is well saturated with it. So I did 1 week peroxide and baking soda and the other week the garlic and water. In addition to all that I also painted the 3 inches from the ground up of the trunk with a mixture of 50 /50 white latex paint and water to prevent any wood boring insects to attack.

Here’s my tree now, I think she is happy…




I am also feeding the tree a mixture of 2 tbsp. molasses with 5 cloves of crushed garlic mixed with water, 32 oz. or gallon container is fine.




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