Lavender take 2

Here we go again. I am determined to have a lot of Lavender next Spring. I went to HD and got some rooting hormone, this is suppose to be fail proof, we’ll see. I carefully got some cuttings from my plants and made sure that each cutting has a min. of 3 nodes and scratched the stem lightly, dip in water and dip in the rooting hormone then, place them in my cardboard egg trays with a soft potting mix. I also decided to get some cuttings from my Rosemary bushes.

I planted two trays tray on the top is all Lavender (Lavender Provence) the tray below that has a back row of Rosemary and the row in front of that is English Lavender.


I also planted some seeds that were placed on a wet paper towel and placed it in the freezer for 24 hours thawed and planted. This a cold stratification process that someone did online and they had good results and of course I am going to try it out. 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis tray has plant cuttings that were dipped in honey and water about a week ago and were planted with trays of seeds but now I decided to over seed with the stratified seeds.















The planter below already has two sprouts from the previous seed planting and I just added 3 seeds that have been put through the stratification process.


I hope something works out this time.

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