Spam off

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything because just like everyone else I have been a victim of spam blogger abuse, lol. It’s funny how these ass wipes have to make their living by insulting other bloggers just to spark the anger so that they can get a hit on their website or blog. I have always been an individual that never instigates problems or messes with anyone physical, emotional or in any other way and I find it very humorous that people that have screwed with me in the past would get their ass beaten by yours truly but since I have grown up I just let karma do it’s thing. But for now, just for the record I would like to share my thoughts with that individual that is in desperate need of a hit or needs to sell something or just wants to screw with people, “Foutre Vous and the one that is rotten is not me apples, it’s just you!”SPAM OFF!” I appreciate comments in good taste and constructive criticism but if you have a rude comment keep it to yourself. Spammers I am glad that you make your money hiding behind a computer with your crude comments but seriously get a real job, get a life and get a mate. At least I don’t have to solicit and harass people to buy a product or my services. I blog because I choose and because I like to get connected with others that are talented and like to share their creativity, I don’t want likes, approvals or hits, if I get them it’s a bonus.

For everyone else I thank you for allowing me to vent and for taking time in reading this.  Now back to business. I have been working on another painting after I have completed my so called “Rotten Apples” and also started another drawing in addition to the previous one of the girl with the wind blowing in her hair and will be posting them sometime this week. I also started project “Wheat grass lawn” and will be posting the pics of my backyards development up to the point of planting the wheat grass plugs I have started indoor.

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Artist, gardener, and creator. I'm an artist obsessed with gardening, DIYing, and with a passion for baking.

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