Painter’s block….

The past week my quest was to complete this cute retro style painting that I started for my laundry room but I can’t find the artist in me to complete it.  Gosh, I have all these images in my mind and I can’t seem to get my mind and hand to come to terms to start and complete a piece. Sometimes I feel that in order to be an accomplished artist you kind of have to be in a state of chaos, a state where nothing make sense or you are stressed out. It’s funny because the only thing that is bothering me is my bare backyard and the lack of foliage and there is nothing I can do about it because it’s all about waiting right now.  Everything has been planted and the plants are doing well and it is just a matter of time that they take off.

Every time I am in this rut I tend to point my direction to either baking or gardening which is nice but not what I really want to do. So, once again I charge my batteries this morning with a substantial amount of coffee in hopes that my enthusiasm to paint occurs.  Meanwhile off to baking (lol) 🙂

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